In 1960 a little show opened in New York at the Sullivan Street Playhouse that was destined to forever change the course of theatre history and forever bless my life.  It was, of course, The Fantasticks, a mythological and mystical journey through the soul of life itself.  I was privileged to play the part of The Girl for several years with some of the most talented, wise and kind people that one could possibly imagine. 

Being in New York, on that little stage, acting and singing in that enchanted world was the realization of a dream I’d had since childhood.  I have been more fortunate than many as regards my acting career.  For many years I was able to make a good living  thanks to television and national commercials for products such as Comet, Pampers and Fritos. 

Those were wonderful days of relative ease and joyful adventure and lots of opportunities to participate in that world I dreamed of as a child.  I was even able to act in a tense courtroom scene with Raymond Burr himself as the legendary Perry Mason. 

And then life changed.  It became something else and different and certainly not such wondrous fun.  But the lessons continued.  And there was much to observe in the theatre of the everyday. 

I spent the next ten years honing my social craft with seven of them dedicated to managing a popular Madison Avenue restaurant.  Some days a drama…some a farce and some, a very long days journey into night. 

And now, everything old is new again. And the dream is more real than ever. I’m pleased with my journey. And I’m turning it into a solo show. It is good to be home again.